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Private chef

My studies in the food field began in the early 2000s and my interest has been always about the history and culture of nutrition, with a focus on how culinary practices define people’s identities and society; in order to study the role of food as a tool for gender equality and women’s empowerment in developing nations, I have been traveling in several countries since 2005.
In 2008-2009 I attended a professional cooking school to improve my knowledge, specialising in Italian regional traditions, the history and usage of local ingredients, and the techniques and chemistry of aromatic compounds.

Since then, I have been providing a high-end Private Chef service for selected costumers. I design unique menus studied to fit specific wishes and make the whole food experience a journey through our culinary excellences, our art, culture and history. 

Confidentiality is at a premium: my team and I follow the highest ethical standards to protect our guests privacy. We do not use social networks or take pictures during the service.

Credit cards and cryptocurrencies accepted.

Please send you inquiry using the form below. I'll reply within 24hrs.

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...and guided tours

Complete your culinary journey with experiences exclusively thought to fit your interests. As a licensed Tour Guide, I don't offer fixed tours and itineraries, but I always design unique proposals based on my guests exigencies and expectations.

From art to cuisine, from history to nature, sport, fashion, I pride myself on offering great bespoke private programs in Italy, also collaborating with the best tour guides speaking Spanish, German, French, Polish, Swedish, English, and tour operators specialized in luxury vacations.

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