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lectures and courses

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University of Gastronomic Sciences – Pollenzo (Bra - CN)

  • Communication for Food Marketing | Graduate Degree in Food Innovation and Management (with prof. Fulvio Zendrini) | lang. EN

  • Food Communication | Master of Gastronomy: World Food cultures and mobility program | lang. EN

  • Communication skills | Master in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing | lang. ENG



Italian Institute of Culinary Art Cordon Bleu –  Florence

  • History of Food | European Bachelor’s degree programme - 1st year | lang. ENG

  • Anthropology of Food | European Bachelor’s degree programme - 1st year | lang. ENG

  • Antropologia del cibo | Corso di Alta Formazione in Arti e Scienze Culinarie | lang. ITA



IUL Università telematica degli studi –  Florence

  • Antropologia del cibo | Master in giornalismo enogastronomico | lang. ITA

research projects


Current research projects are focused on the role of storytelling in communication for food marketing, with a particular focus on:

  • lobbying communication

  • crisis management

  • financial reporting

  • narrative economics

  • new technologies

  • buzzwords and original lexicon


Lectures and studies are mostly revolved around:

  • traditional food culture and culinary traditions as sites of memory 

  • recreated “traditions”, mechanized mass-production of traditional foods, the market of the artificially built food-experiences (in food tourism, cookbooks and memoirs) 

  • lexical and conceptual traps in communicating traditional and sustainable food 

  • the "Italian Sounding" phenomenon in economical, cultural, political, social context


Current research projects aim at investigating the role of food and nutrition as tools for social control, with a particular focus on the relationship between food, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

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